The Genius of Brand Synergy: How 2 Brands Save Overhead & Increase Innovation

Imagine owning two businesses with two completely different identities sharing the same building and resources. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, coexisting businesses under one roof is not only efficient but it has proven to increase innovation, save overhead, and streamline operations, creating unmatched brand synergy. The ability to run separate businesses under one roof saves valuable office space, utilities, administrative staff, and inventory costs. In this blog post, we will explore the genius of brand synergy between Kidcreate Studio and Extreme Art Studio.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Since Kidcreate Studio and Extreme Art Studio operate under one roof, they are able to share all overhead such as art studio space, utilities and art supplies. They are also able to share their administrative operations, including their staff and other costs, which are an important part of running a business.

Increased Innovation

One of the most significant benefits of brand synergy is the ability to exchange ideas and collaborate, leading to an increase in innovation. Since the brands share the same workspace, they can interact and exchange insights. This leads to the creation of new processes and better customer service. This agile way of running two businesses under one roof means that the companies have a competitive edge over rivals.

Efficient Use of Resources

Running two separate businesses under one roof means that the businesses can share resources such as specialized craft equipment, craft supplies, copiers, classrooms, and inventory. This creates an efficient use of resources, saving the companies valuable time and money. This is especially important in our industry since both companies share similar supplies.


In conclusion, brand synergy is a genius concept that has helped Kidcreate Studio and Extreme Art Studio to save overhead costs, increase innovation, and have an efficient use of resources. The ability to run separate businesses under one roof is a game-changer that is transforming the business world. And what we’re really excited about is that our parent company, WonderPlay Brands, has two brands that work wonderfully together (did you see what I did there? WonderPlay…Wonderfully!!!).